Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying to get into Ecuador during semana santa. If only we knew!

We messed up. We messed up by not realizing that semana santa, Easter week, was upon us while we were traveling to the coast where everyone and their mom's dog wants to go for their vacation. We came back from Huanchaco thinking that we could get on a bus out of Trujillo to the top of Peru that same day. Oh how wrong we were. We got to the bus station (once again many small ones instead of one main one) to find it packed with people and all the buses up north sold out. We walked around to every bus company we could find and heard the same story.
We ended up buying a ticket up to Piura for the next day and from there we would get into Ecuador. We spent the night in Trujillo (would not suggest it, not the best looking place) and another night in Piura because once again the buses into Ecuador were all full. Piura wasn't to nice either but we did stay in a hostel for cheap and it had a aviary in it. Finally the next day we had a night bus into Ecuador. We were told it would be a semi cama nice bus but when we got on it it was a normal not nice bus. We were pissed because we payed for a nice bus so right before we pulled out a ran inside and was able to get some money back! The bus ride sucked. The driver was blasting music the whole night and the seats were not comfy and the guy behind me kept putting his knee into my back. The border crossing, though, was very easy and at 1am we were officially in Ecuador and on our way to the beach!

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