Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quito..time is running out!

We only spent one week in Ecuador and one night in Quito because we're on a mad dash to get to the North coast of Colombia to (more) beaches. Plus our flight out is at the end of the month. We didn't see much of Quito so I don't have much to write. The night bus was uneventful and we arrived at 4:30 am which was not the best time. Fortunately, we met a guy on our bus going to the same hostel as us (the blue house) so we shared a cab. Unfortunately, we didn't have a room till 12pm that day. The guy at the desk was really nice though and set us up with mattresses to sleep on till we could get into a room. At 7 am, though, was breakfast and it was getting noisy (the mattresses were right by the breakfast table) so they moved us to another room to sleep and finally at 10:30 we were moved into a dorm room with 8 beds. So three beds for the price of one! We were taking a bus out early the next morning to the boarder of Colombia, not much time to explore the city. What we did do though was rent a scooter and drive out to the equatorial line! Well Nick drove, I uncomfortably hung on the back.
This is the highest point that the equator passes through and in 1700 or 1800 something some french dudes came and built a statue where they thought it was. Now they've made a park around it called 'Mitad del Mundo' and next to that is a museum of the sun. We were headed for Mitad del Mundo but ended up at the sun museum and it turns out that the sun museum is really where the line passes through and the french guys were a little off. The museum was pretty interesting, it talked about the tribes that worship the sun and the natives who live in the Amazon near the equator in Ecuador. We also did experiments on the line like which way the water flows on what side of the line, balance and strength completely go away when your standing on it, and balancing an egg on a nail is apparently really easy to do while standing on the line. I couldn't but nick did it and became an egg champion. He got a certificate. We also got a stamp in the passport saying we went to the equator. Very enjoyable I'd recommend this place.
We then scooted back and got some dinner and went to bed. nice.

demonstration of guinie pigs being kept in a kitchen...for eatin

a shrunken head with instructions on how to do it

our rented wheels

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