Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Huacachina sand dune good times

We arrived in Ica from cuzco after one of the worst 15 hour bus rides we've had on this trip. It wasn't the bus that was bad, it was quite nice...it was the people on it! People on buses should have their cell phones taken away because they were so inconsiderate!!!! The guy in front of us was yelling on his phone, the guy next to us had about 4 really long convos on his phone and the horrible woman behind us not only yelled into her phone for awhile but she also decided she needed to blast cumbia from it at 10:30 pm to fall asleep! Nick actually turned around and told her to turn it off because we were so fed up at that point. Not to mention that a movie was playing and these people didn't care if anyone was trying to sleep or watch the movie they were going to yell on their phone and play their music si o si!! AAAnd of course my ipod had died because the battery sucks so I sat there cursing Apple as beeps, yelling, ringtones and music went off all around me. The best was at 6am the bus helper had music blasting from his phone as he walked up and down the hallway and then played really bad, really loud music through the speakers! We were so happy to get off that bus!
Ica was so hot compared to Cuzco and we quickly jumped into a cap to Huacachina to get to Casa de Arena and jump into the pool! Nick had stayed here 2 years ago when he was last in Peru so that's how we knew about that place. It's a really interesting place because it is an oasis in a desert. Literally. There are huge sand dunes all around it and then a lake with palm trees that Huacachina was built around. That afternoon we ended up going on a sand buggy/sand boarding tour. It was so much fun! It was like a roller coaster flying all over the sand dunes. We would periodically get out and go down a dune on a board, usually on my stomach. It was like sledding! Really a lot of fun. It was also a great hostel as well with a pool and a club attached to it (course we were asleep early each night....lame).
The next day we took a tuk-tuk (small, three wheeled vehicle thing) back to Ica to go to the museum of Ica which had mummies and skulls with evidence of brain surgery and trophy heads. Pretty good stuff.

the sand dunes

sandboarding laying on my tum


the oasis that is huacachina.. I wouldn't swim in that lake tho...

the buggies

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