Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lima and surfing in Huanchaco

 Ok. I've learned something while traveling. We haven't had any trouble (other than the tarp) with people stealing from us, but I am still missing things, and it's myself that is the culprit. So far, I have lost/left somewhere my raincoat, my sunglasses I bought 2 days before, a headband I bought an 2 hours before losing, a hairclip I bought before breaking it the next day, a little notebook with important things inside like passwords, and , the worst one, my frickin glasses!!! and the case!! I left them on the bus from Cuzco to Ica (Huacachina) and tried really hard to get them back but I can safely say they are for sure gone. I asked the bus company in Ica but they said, since that bus ended in Lima, to go there. Went to the company in Lima and asked someone who directed me to someone else who directed me to 3 teens who just laughed when I asked because they probably didn't know what I was talking about and this being South America of course there is no lost and found!! I even went back the next day and talked to the manager!! So now I am stuck with my old glasses that make me look like I have lizard eyes >:( why couldn't I have lost them and not my new ones that change to sunglasses in the sun and are a better prescription!!

First off let me start by saying that we had heard that Lima was a dirty, boring place with nothing to see but we decided to go anyway, just for a night. It is a big place and we stayed in Miraflores which is a nice, chuchi part but a 45 min bus ride to the center. Although, other than some historical stuff, everything one would need is in Miraflores..even some Incan ruins! We were going to stay for two nights but the hostel we found only had a room for one night and all the others in the area were expensive so we stayed for one night. The first night was a Sunday so big hang out night in the plaza of Miraflores. It had a great vibe to it, there were people out walking and people selling their wares and even a Brazilian drum band performing. The next day we headed into the center to see the plaza and San Fransisco cathedral where you can get a tour of the where the monks lived and the catacombs under the church. On the way into the centro we had to get off the bus and buy a bus ticket to Trujillo, unfortunately there is no central bus station so not easy to shop around when all the different bus companies are spread apart. We hopped back on a bus and checked out downtown. It wasn't bad at all. The church tour was good and the catacombs were creepy, the streets were clean and it was a nice day. We found Lima quite pleasant. These people must have never been to Asuncion!! We left that night on a bus to Trujillo and from there we would head to Huanchaco, a surf beach town.

Huanchaco is cool because the fisherman still use reed boats that their ansestors used to fish back in the day. I like that. It's a nice little town where people go to surf or learn to surf. I didn't find the beach that appealing to swim on though and the ground under water is pretty rocky according to nick who had a surf lesson. I sat on the beach and watched. Not a bad deal though, $14 for a 2 hour lesson and rental of the board and wet suit for the day. If we stayed longer maybe I would have tried it! We only stayed for a night though in a hostel that was 10 soles, a little more than $3 (yay budget!) but we needed to move on and get into Ecuador!

Taking feeding birds in the park to a whole new level in Miraflores

the Brazilian drumming


a statue dedicated to shoe shiners

the main plaza

San Fransisco

the catacombs where practically all of Lima was buried back in the day

the reed boats in Huanchaco

drying the fishing nets

going out to sea, kneeling on the top and using a bamboo stick cut in half

Nick surfing

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