Wednesday, April 18, 2012


ok. I've heard Medellin is a great place. It's got a metro, it's got many museums and many statues about the city, but we didn't see much of it. We were exhausted by a 21 hour bus ride from Ipiales to Medellin so the first day we stayed in the hostel (the wandering Paisa, great place). We decided to stay 2 nights (haven't done that in awhile, and the second day) we went out to unsuccessfully explore the city. I think we missed the good parts of it, in fact I know we did. There are eco parks and whatnot, cable cars and a planetarium but all we did was get lost in the center trying to get money exchanged and find food.
The night was more fun, we hung out at the hostel bar and had a free salsa lesson. Then when everyone else was hitting up the salsa clubs we went to bed because we're old.
The last day we sat around the hostel (catching up on the blog) while waiting for the night bus to Cartagena.

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