Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Staging 1st Night in the MIA

ah Miami, injecting that latin vibe into us so much so that no one tried to even speak in spanish. But in makes for a good atmosphere.
Plane ride number one went smoothly, I had the whole row to myself so I was able to lay down my sleep deprived, still recovering from my night of procrastination packing body. At Atlanta I deplaned, got a smoothie and headed to the next gate and who was there but Caleb! I knew he was a with the Peace Corps because he was holding the big blue folder full of paperwork we had to fill out. So I had a travel buddy for the next flight and he even ended up sitting in the row in front of me.
side note...my one bag was 49 lbs and the framed backpack was 37. I paid (well mom did) a $50 fee which I will be reimbursed tomorrow for.

When the plane landed we got our luggage and out of the woodwork who looked like us (well, tired looking with a trail of luggage following behind) and we all congealed into one big luggage mass waiting on the curb for the shuttle.

The hotel is very nice, complete with gym, pool,sauna, and jacuzzi..but no rooms for us. They weren't ready yet, ten more minutes we were told. 2 hours later after meeting many of the people in my group and checking in with the Peace Corp staff (receiving my government passport, letter for loan deferment and $220 in spending cash) we were finally starting to get into our rooms. Little by little groups of people are leaving the lobby and pile of bags dwindles. Which means I can finally go have dinner! Across the street was a cafe called Latina Cafe which reminded me of being back in Mexico. Similar dishes, similar settings, similar cats wandering around, it was good! We fit alot of people on one big long table!
tomorrow checkout is at 7:75 am followed by some ice breakers and then we get shipped back off to the airport for our long haul to Sao Paulo.

This experience is really reminds me of staff training at camp. When we all arrived and were getting to know one another, and quite frankly, I love camp! And I love meeting all these new people having the same feelings and questions as me! We also realized that in September must be when they send all the environment people down and in May must be the buisness and community development people. Also I'm not alone representing the Dirty Jerz in my group! Found a fellow Jersian! Even if he is from down south :p

Who knows when I'll have Internet next so....until then...BEDTIME!!!!!

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