Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm leavin on four jet planes...

Last night in my bed!!

Ok. I'm more than halfway packed (I know I know, it's the night before I leave. Procrastination Central) and ready for another break. So far my framed backpack is 22 lbs and I'm scared to weigh my suitcase. I can hear my dog rummaging around upstairs in "yet to pack" bags... and dinner distraction complete. Anyway, this is surreal. It doesn't yet feel like I'm about to head out of my cushy American life for the next 27 months, but I'm just a short plane ride away from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida to São Paulo, Brazil to Asunción, Paraguay!!!

Highlights and Lowlights of this past month (fun game, guess which is which):

My bf leaving his summer long stay here to return to England

Hittin up McSorely's in NYC for some Ale and good company, followed by a night out in Hoboken!

Getting in line 45 mins to late to get into the free Muse show we had tickets for when they played the MTV VMAs. But didn't realize until we stood in that line for a good 3 hours and me forgetting my license which was needed to get into the show and going back to hoboken to find out I did it all for nothing followed by promises of a street song that we lined up for another 2 hours that didn't happen either.

Seeing Gerard Butler!

A great send off party with friends and fam!

Packing, shopping, packing, shopping, thoughts of napping, shopping

Visits from people :)

getting sick and recovering in a record 2.3 days

and my Rosetta Stone Spanish.

I must go finish packing and eat some spinach and cheese rolls my little Georgian (the country not the state) neighbor made me as a goodbye present!

Nos Vimos!

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  1. Hey when does this Paraguay show start?! I'm bored... i demand entertainment. I paid good money for this blog.