Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sucre: City of marching bands and lawyers

Sucre is the constitutional capitol of Bolivia and some say it's prettiest city. It has some great colonial buildings and street after street of lawyer offices! I don't know if it's just really easy to become a lawyer here or if all the lawyers go to Sucre but they're there if need be.
We also witnessed no less than 7 different marching bands playing throughout the streets in the 3 days we were there. I think this might have something to do with carnival coming up. They mostly all played the same tune but one had a whole bunch of young guys with huge bells on their boots jigging in time up the street to their band. Very fun to watch.
We didn't do to much here other than walk around, although the sidewalks were pretty narrow and when school and work was let out it wasn't to pleasant. We also found this restaurant we went to two times (that usually doesn't happen!) that was old saloon themed. There are tours you can do from Sucre like walks to see dinosaur footprints, which unfortunately will be gone soon due to a concrete company that will come in and destroy them. Like you can get that back again! ugh. Or you can go rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding. We chose to do nothing as to save some money for other trips but we did find a free!! museum that had a great display of masks used in Bolivia. We also checked out the cemetery which had some huge mausoleums and many wall drawer graves. A whole wall of them was all kids with toy decorations in their little cubby hole. Pretty sad.
We stayed here a day longer than planned just to have a relaxing day and do online researching and blogging and whatnot.

cemetary with wall of graves

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