Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salta: stopover

Tim decided to tag along with us up to Bolivia, we decided to break up our trip north with a stop in Salta. We had to take two buses up with a midnight to 2:30 am stopover in Tucuman. The first bus we were on was ok but every movie they put on played 2x!!! That was not so good. The scenery on the way up though was pretty nice with the mountains and desserty-ish land.
Salta is considered a base for touring around this area. Apparently there are amazing things to see like canyons and great horseback riding trips but we just hung in the city. We got into the terminal with no where to go and tried to find a place online before noticing a guy peddling his hostel, 7 Duendes (dwarfs), he told us it was 50 ($12) pesos a night and offered us a free ride so we took it. Since it was still only 8am when we arrived we had to wait to get into a room, when we got in I passed out till 2pm. Once I awoke I took a much needed shower and Nick and I went into the center to look for a place to change money. We failed then went to the terminal to figure out our next move (to the boarder of Bolivia) then went to the anthropology museum where I thought displayed Incan mummy kids but after looking through it and just seeing alot of pots I realized we were wrong and they are in the museum of high altitude. Then we walked back and viewed the big cathedral, very ornately elaborate is what I can say describes it. I was done with walking after that and we came home and made a nice stir fry dinner which was much needed after eating so much white bread for the past 24 hours. We even drank our organic wine we bought in Mendoza so good.
The next day we tried to buy our bus ticket online because we would get a discount. Of course it wasn't working so back down to the terminal we go to buy it full price, off to Quaica to cross the boarder. After, Tim, Nick, me and this Aussi Spencer went on a cable car up to this hilltop to get a view of Salta. We got kinda lost walking back, found a supermarket and bought the makings for a nice Sunday roast dinner prepared by Tim. Twas lovely!


funky tree

main plaza statue

another church

inside the elaborate church

first dinner

the organic wine and olives so good

view from the cable car

Sunday roast

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