Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let the travels begin! Buenos Aires.

After packing what feels like half my house into three bags that I apparently feel I need to lug around South America and saying goodbye to everyone Nick and I were ready to head out of Paraguay.

We bought our tickets a few days before to head out of Carapegua around noon and arrive in Buenos Aires the next day. We took a Rio Parana bus, double decker, semi-cama that I knew I wouldnt sleep too well on but we need to be money concious now. We ended up sitting behind the one seat that was broken, permanently in the all the way down position and across from us was the most attention seeking, loud woman and child pair. I'm mean, the girl was making noises, talking loudly and literally jumping in the isle while the mom blasted music from her cell phone for most of the 22 hour journey. Normally it's not 22 hours but it took 3 hours to cross from Encarn into Posadas plus the bus stopped/broke down? a couple times along the way. But we made it and now we're on our way!!

The hostel is called Pampa Hostel in Belgrano. We picked this hostel because it aws next to a camping store we wanted to buy a camping stove at :p It's aaalll the way at the end of the subte D line! We're only here for 2 days, it's baisically a stop off before we head down to Puerto Madryn, Patagonia. Yesterday we pretty much just got the stove and hung out at the hostel. Today, our second day, we headed down to Avinida Florida so nick could exchange his travelers checks (SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS ALWAYS!) and to hang out. On the subway 4 guys got on speaking in English and Nick noticed one had a Peace Corps sticker on his water bottle. Turns out they were volunteers from Peru and COS'd in Nov and have been traveling around. It was really amazing that they just happend to come on and stand by us! I would have loved to have gotten to talk to them more about their experience!
It was a really nice day to walk around and take in the BA atmosphere. We saw some good street music, I got some spandex pants, we changed what was left of our Guaranis for $18, saw people in costumes marching and the street was closed because all these commercials were being shot which we watched. Very long process. Tonight I will repack my bags and we're headin out tomorrow early for the bus to Perto Madryn! Not ready to leave feels like we just got here! Oh wait, we did...

Doesn't feel like christmas!


He can paint with his feet!

Commercial filming. Wonder what he'll be pushing?

more filming

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