Friday, November 11, 2011

Long Field at David's Site

What the tetra paks turn into once recycled!

The old taju!

tree huggin
Walking out to the wetlands by David's site

Preparing for the event about to take place
                                                                 Caution sad pics!!!
Burning of the wetlands during a carpincho (biggest rodent) hunt. They set a fire to scare them out of the middle so they come on shore.
David's host brothers collected these baby parrots from the woods to sell in the city for ten mil each ($2.50). They know it's wrong to do drives us all. This really was upsetting for me to see.

Rained that night so Lauren and I had to walk back to her house, 2 hours and 20 mins! This is the road we just walked down


  1. Sorry to leave this for you in a public place, but I don't have your email. I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your fellow-volunteer's accident. I can't imagine what y'all are going through, but we're praying for the PY cuerpo de paz folks as you work through this tragedy. Y'all are super....

  2. thanks! it was a pretty sad and tragic thing to happen. I feel for her family and friends :(