Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tree Pruning Time

It's a sad time to be a tree around this time of year. It's haircut time, aalll of it must go! So I'm no expert at tree pruning but I'm pretty sure it's not good to hack every single branch with leaves on it off with a machete. I've read it can make the tree susceptible to disease when a haphazard whack is used instead of a clean cut with a saw or chainsaw. Also cutting off all the leaves puts the tree into shock, or so I've heard.
The tree in front of my house has gone through it leaving me with less shade for my worm compost and the other tree was just cut down all together. But, the leaves always grow back, and pretty fast. So I guess it works, it's just very ugly looking at a tree w no leaves all hacked up and I'm sure the tree doesn't like it either!!
ok i tried to turn the pic but blogger is not to user friendly when it comes to pics so, hopefully you can get the gist from this!!!!

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