Saturday, March 13, 2010

Site Presentation

I have now been formally presented to my site! Now I can work (as the vice director at my one school said). My school really helped me out in organising it, they created a list of who to invite and even wrote and printed AND delivered the invataions! I had it in the morning at 8:30 and almost everyone was on time (except for my APCD -the person in charge of the enironmental sectore-and her helper). But everyone waited patiently and when she arrived we did a little icebreaker and comenced with the presenting.
Teachers from a couple different schools were there as well as a lady from the municipalidad and the library. Eli (my APCD) said she wanted EE to work more with the community and not just the school, she also talked about ideas we could do and just baisically what peace corps is. Afterwards we had some soda and cookies I provided so people could chat. Lauren from a site close to me came to my presentation for support, and I would do the same for her. But first we all went to my house to drop off my bike (!) and my bags from long term storage, yes, more stuff. Where does it all come from? Good thing i have a big house...
then we had some pizza for lunch (paid for by Peace Corps thanks) and went to Lauren´s site.
Her presentation was a big different from mine since she lives out in the campo and the community is much much smaller. She had about 25 people show up and Eli went through the presentation and then the community members had a nice little semi heated discussion about the volunteer before Lauren. One woman said he should have worked more with the community not just the school and everyone else defended him and said he did many things outside the school(he was well liked). She baisically said that he should have went door to door asking what people wanted while another person said no, we had invited him, we should have went to him if we needed help. That´s good thinking and I´m glad they think that way, should be helpful for Lauren. It was a good community discussion though that prob wouldnt have happened otherwise.

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