Thursday, February 4, 2010

My house, in the middle of the street

As of a week ago today I now have a place to call my own. A two bedroom, one bath kitchen, livingroom and big patio place to put my stuffs. I got the ok from the bossman to move in early since I’ve been jumping around so much. That was good to help meet new people but also stressful moving my stuff so much and I didn’t want to feel like a burden on anyone.
The pros: I will be able to cook and eat what I want. Freedom. Can spread my stuff all out. Room to work out!! Can focus better on work.

The cons: kinda lonely. Not hearing the language as much. At the moment my fridge is broken!!

What am I doing to remedy these cons, well I’m forcing myself out to talk to and or meet neighbors although today no one was really outside. I bought myself a radio. And all I can do for the fridge is wait for the guy to come look at it. I’m also waiting for the electrician to come and for the sinks to be fixed. It’s ok though because being flexible is a must for being a Peace Corps volunteer, so I’m practicing. I also bought a hammock to put under my mango tree to swing and read in, ahh 

School starts soon. There are about 40 something in my town so I plan to go to the administrative building and talk with them about what schools could use the most help.
Summer so far has been very laid back, a lot of terere drinking and talking about how hot it is. The kids here seem to keep themselves occupied but there really isn’t much for them to do, it’s not like there is a community pool or camps (other than the ones we do of course) so it seems they just hang out a lot together in groups. Yesterday I saw a group of young boys with a bucket of water balloons, not sure who they were gonna throw them at but at least it wasn’t me! The heat here is impressive and it’s hard to do things during the day so most people leave housework for the evenings when it’s nice out. Around this time you’ll see people sweeping up their leaves and washing their clothes.
Here leaves are seen as garbage and are put in bags and sent to the town dump. In my mind they are organic, biodegradable things that are great for compost piles, if my patio wasn’t brick I would have a compost pile! So everyday after I sweep up my leaves I have to sneak around and put them places other than in a bag to the dump! Usually I throw them over the wall since there’s an empty lot on that side of my house. Today I put them in a diff spot closer to the street, hope no one notices! There’s poo and garbage all over the street but god forbid leaves…!!! Such is the life of a homerenter.

Tonight’s dinner will be a peanutbutter and banana sandwich, things that don’t need fridges. The neighbors have been really nice though in giving me ice to make my drinks cold since it’s been reaaallllly hot the past week. We haven’t had rain, usually when that happens it gets hotter and hotter until BAM big rainstorm. Then it starts over again.

Various pictures of my house how it looks now. my bedroom, the sink outside where i wash my clothes. the guest room/strage room/my closet. The last few are a view from my window and a view down the street and the evangelical church right across from me.

ok I have to get out of this cyber because the baby that´s walking around is making the most ungodly screeching noises that really hurt my ears!! ooouch! way to lose buisness!!!

until next time..

spider that i found under my bed

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  1. Um yeah I am never going there after you keep on posting pics of spiders bigger than my face under your bed! You are much braver than me! :) Miss you! -- Heather