Saturday, January 9, 2010

first 3 weeks in site

guess where i am typing this from? no, not a cyber..and not on my laptop and transfered via pendrive. I´m typing this from my newest PY host fam house, complete with computer and the interwebs! This doesn´t happen alot! and I would know, since it´s my 5th house in 3 weeks! For no fault of my own I keep finding myself having to move! Usually it´s because someone needs the room or whatnot, and I´m usually told that night and pack really fast, shoving everything into bags and moving on. This time I´m at a house with a teacher who lives here with her 11 yr old son. It is not usual to see a woman living sola but props to her. It´s a small house so I have to share a room with them. they have a one month old puppy named sammy who is very cute but taken away from her mom way to early. Now i know why all the dogs here act the way they do, they´re taken away from the mom to young and never get to be taught how to act like a normal dog..then they´re not treated nicely (some, well most) and they grow up and patrol the streets looking to scare and attack me, like last night.

anywho I havn´t been doing to much. first two weeks I read alot and studied every day (so guapa!!) then was christmas and then was new years!! i went into asunción and had a great hotel/on the town party w some of my G (my group, G-31 aka my G) but every since I´ve gotten back from that trip I´ve been to busy to study!! first i had to move my house again to Rebecca´s house (again) then we went one day to Guarambare!! I got to visit the fam and see others as well, Rebecca went to talk about giving a bunny to her old host family. the next day I was in scott´s old house (my soon to be house) repacking all my bags so i didnt´have to bring everythign with me on this next move (so heavy!) then i moved. the next day i went with rebecca to Ndavaru to give a fam we know a bunny. yesterday i studied a little and went to the cyber and met up with brenda for some lomito arabes and today...

today i went to a waterfall! called santo crystal o algo. It was beautiful. we had a crazy hike down this steep rocky slope in the woods to get there, but when we rounded the corner and saw the falls with the pool underneith to swim in, it was worth it! we hung out there all day and had lunch and jumped off the middle of the falls (not me, big chicken) and on our way back up the steep slope it started to rain. once we got back to our ride (in the back of a pickup) it was pouring and my phone got soaked! it´s drying out now. It was a fun trip and i got to meet volunteers from other G´s that i havn´t met before.

so that´s what i´ve been up too. i think i´ll go eat some sandia now. next weekend I will be helping a fellow volunteer down the road with a summer camp at her site. so.. work! Maybe i´ll even do my own posible!

until next time

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